Thursday, 6 June 2019

The wonders of Homeopathy; Experiences of my client Kerry

Click on the link below to listen to my chat with Kerry and what homeopathy has done for her and her family.  Nosebleeds, post op recovery, emotional shifts and more

Her mother was not recovering well at all from the the abdominal surgery 6 weeks prior to coming to see me. Scar tissue was very painful, walking and sitting difficult, the incontinence still there, poor sleep, bad dreams and more symptoms were all relieved within a few days of taking the homeopathic medicine. She was a skeptic but felt she had nothing to lose so decided to give homeopathy a go! Lucky for her, she did.

Kerry's son was having horrific and recurring nose bleeds which were hindering him in everyday life especially at school and sports. What appears to be merely physical and obvious often is not. Along with stopping the nosebleeds from coming back her son also became emotionally stronger and able to deal with the recent breakup of his parents. He was able to express his emotions and was happier, more confident after receiving homeopathic treatment.

In holistic medicine we address the person as a "whole". We are more than physical beings and illness is expressed in the body but there is most likely a mental and / or emotional component. If all this is considered,
true healing can be achieved.

Tune in to find out more and feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Homeopathy for repeated nosebleeds, post surgery care and more

Monday, 29 April 2019

Errol tells his story of digestive problems and how homeopathy helped him

Homeopathy can be an amazing natural healing modality for so many conditions. Errol was suffering for several years from severe stomach pains. Eventually it affected his overall health and energy due to extreme weight loss and mal nourishment. That in turn limited his social life, mood, energy and happiness. All medical tests and prescribed medication were unsuccessful.

Errol came to me after listening to one of these radio shows. His opening line was pretty much, "Well if you can fix this, then I will be a believer!"

Guess what? He is a believer now and happy to share his story with you.

Click here to listen to this radio show to hear about his healing journey

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Emily talks about pergnancy and giving birth with homeopathic support

Pregnancy has its challenges such as morning sickness or baby in breech position. Then comes anticipation about the birthing process. Will everything go well? Actual natural pain relief during labour would be great too. Post natal depression; please not! Will I be able to nurse my baby?

These are just some of the questions and worries a Mom to be might have.

Listen to Emily tell her story about how with homeopathic medicines giving birth to her second child turned out to be an amazing experience!

Emily talks about how homeopathy helped her during pregnancy and labour

Monday, 28 January 2019

A Fresh Start for Your Health and Life

Soon school and work will start for us all and 2019 will officially be well on its way.There is the risk of getting caught in daily routines. So with my radio show I encourage reflection, choices and subsequently change for the better.

Tune in and as always your comments are appreciated.
If you would like some help to relieve the mental, emotional or even physical blocks which keep you from doing what you want, contact me for a homeopathic consult on 021 33 52 33

Monday, 17 December 2018

Holiday Break

Please note that the clinic will be closed from Monday 24th December until Friday 4th January. You can contact me on 021 33 52 33 to arrange appointments.
Have a wonderful Christmas and a great, healthy New Year. If not, you know where to find me!