Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Tips on how to deal with trauma and drama of the holiday season

The next holiday is just around the corner so if the last did not go too well, please read my tips below and listen to my podcast on how homeopathy can support you mentally and emotionally but also help relieve the physical impact stressors might have on your health. For example; headache/migraines, digestive upsets, skin flare ups, sleeping issues etc.

 Christmas equals family, love, peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, sense of security. Or, does it??
 Unfortunately for many the holiday season is not as merry as it should be. People are "thrown together" often for days and are supposed to be happy and loving. In reality these exact same people have been avoiding each other all year. Truth is that many clients experience this "intense family time" as disappointing, stressful and even traumatic. Old hurts, trauma and grief are re triggered and health problems re surface which had seemed to be under control. Relived trauma makes us feel helpless and stuck.

Here are some suggestions how to maneuver your way through these challenges:
  • Create new traditions for yourself so you in future you have new memories and assosiations with Christmas
  • Acknowledge your past experience but then make a conscious decision to be present in the NOW and look forward to the future
  • For when negative emotions are triggered (e.g. being around certain people and their behaviour, comments, actions) have a go to thought, or action which will bring you back to the now. For example: Remove yourself, play a certain song (have it saved and ready to play), repeat an affirmation over and over again in your mind, visualize letting go, forgiving, loving yourself or practice mindfulness or breathing techniques which you can use when needed
Then also remember that a homeopathic follow up might be very helpful to aid you back to a state of well being and help you overcome the pent up anger and indignation, grief of experiencing you first Christmas without a special person, hurt, guilt, pain rejection, disappointment from family. Don't underestimate how a mental and emotional experience can be the driver of physical symptoms such as: sleeping issues, migraines, digestive upsets, skin flare ups, joint and back pain to name a few of the common problems.

Be kind and loving and respectful towards yourself and others. Life is too short to survive through it. You deserve to live it!

How to make your New Year's Resolutions work

It that time of year again when we are more inclined to “change our ways”, eat healthier, lose weight, exercise daily, drink less alcohol, quit the habit, save more money,  ….. The list is endless.
I also find Spring, New Years, similar to birthdays, a time of reflection as well as excitement for what lies ahead. So this year I have thought about why we so often fail to achieve our goals.

 I specifically named my business THRIVE homeopathy because I want to support my clients so that they can reach their goals and thrive mentally, emotionally and physically.  Common reasons are past traumas, stress, grief, worries and fears which hold us back from making the necessary changes and we seem stuck in a vicious circle of addictive or damaging behaviour. As a homeopath it is important to listen to a person’s full story, understand the pattern and to find a safe and natural medicine that will give the right stimulus to kick the habit, change and heal. Just recently a client who has been a major sugar addict has no sugar cravings since taking a single dose of the prescribed homeopathic remedy.

Another main reason for failure is because we aren’t truly willing to make the required sacrifice to achieve that goal.  In that case you are setting yourself up for disappointment from the start. Why even bother as you are only going to feel worse?  If you want to be slim again but don’t give up fatty and sugary foods well then it won’t happen.  Yes, there is a sacrifice or effort behind achieving goals and that is also why we are so proud when we reach them.

I advise my clients to think about what effort  they are truly willing and able to do and then to formulate their resolution accordingly.  A complete lifestyle change is very hard but doable for some of us. Don't forget that we act upon formed habitual behaviour and it takes between 2-6 months to deeply ingrain new patterns so that they become natural and effortless.

My suggestion to you for your next resolution is to be kind to yourself and to take best care of the mind, body and soul you have been given. You can contact Heidi Beck for a homeopathic consultation to have support in achieving your goals.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Closed for Christmas break Monday 23 December and available again as of Monday 6th January 2020

Have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family. I wish you health and happiness for 2020! Should you need some help for any acute or chronic complaint and prefer a natural as well as holistic approach to re-balancing your mind, emotions and body; contact me for an appointment. Your local homeopath Heidi Beck

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Did you know that emotions and chronic urinary tract infections can be connected?

I admit it sounds unbelievable but this young woman has been suffering from horrendous bladder pains and recurring infections since early childhood. All specialist's tests and prescription medication have not helped her heal.

Upon coming for a homeopathic consultation we looked at all aspects of her life; diet, daily routines and habits, physical symptoms and her mental/emotional state.

Then the completely  natural homeopathic medicines, which are free of any side effects,  were selected accordingly. Within days she improved drastically and today she is doing well on all levels and can enjoy every day as it comes.

Listen to Ruby tell her story in this 20 minute Radio Kidnapper's recording of my weekly show Homeopathy with Heidi Wednesday morning at 9 am.

Click here to listen to the radio show on chronic UTIs with Ruby and how homeopathy helped her

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

My first hand experiences with Ayurveda and how it compliments Homeopathy

I spent 1 week trouring the beautiful island of Sri Lanka and then was in "heaven on earth" for 2 weeks at the Ananda Resort on Kosgada beach. 
Well then listen to my show by clicking on the link below.
How are Ayurveda and Homeopathy complimentary

It was truly a mind, body soul cleansing Ayurveda retreat. Not for you? Well that's what you might think now but tune in to find out how we all will benefit from this kind of healthy holiday. Adding a stay at such a resort to your homeopathic treatment will guarantee you a holistic healing journey. Nutritional vegetarian food, teas according to your body type, herbal medicine, daily oil massagas, inhalations, baths, peelings and cleansing of your GI tract, sinuses along with joga, beach walks and time out.

If you want to know more please feel free to contact me.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Allergy Season coming up! Tired of all the medication and symptoms? Time to try something different!

Tune in if you want to find out what might help you this allergy season so that you will NOT have to suffer from puffy, itchy eyes, sneezing attacks, runny nose, headaches, poor sleep, respiratory complaints and a general sense of  feeling horrible.

Homeopathy is a very effective, natural way to stimulate your body to deal with the "pathogens" such as pollen. Allergies are an error of the immune system mistaking a foreign substance to be a threat and reacting to it via an inflammatory response.

Curious? Tune in to hear about the homeopathic possibilities. If you have any comments, questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact me. Click on the link below:
Allergies and how homeopathy can help you not suffer this season