2020 Price list

  • Should you be in doubt whether homeopathy is right for you or your loved ones, contact me for a FREE initial 15 minute consult. You will have the chance to ask all your questions and then decide if homeopathy and I am the right match for you on your healing journey.

    If you are suffering from a longstanding chronic illness then please understand that restoring health will take some time. It is different for everyone but a well selected medicine should help shift some symptoms very quickly. Not always is the first medicine given the right one. Follow up appointments are between 3-5 weeks depending on the acuteness and severity of the complaint.

    Homeopathy can be taken alongside your prescription medication and once your symptoms improve, those can be adjusted after consultation with your doctor.

  • Consult 90 mins. $120 (recommended for initial consult)

    Consult 60 mins. $80 (recommended for adult follow-up , child consult)

  • Consult 30 mins. $50 (recommended acutes, follow-up)

  • 1 Homeopathic remedy incl. extra remedy $5

  • If especially ordered $5 for postage

  • Payment either cash or via online banking. If you are having financial difficulties please talk to me about payment via installments. You should not have to put your health and well being on hold.

    Your time is just as valuable as mine. Therefore I kindly ask you to keep your appointments and cancel, if you need to,  with as much notice as possible.

    Homeopathy is about restoring your health and well being. Therefore it is not a matter of remaining on the medicine for long periods of time. One follow up is definitely required after 3-5 weeks even if you are feeling well. In longstanding, severe and complex dis-ease more appointments are needed but you will be surprised how much improvement can happen in a short time.

    Check out some of my homeopathic products. Great as a meaningful gift

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    Valid for 3 months

    Pocket size First Aid or Birthing Kit, 11 homeopathic medicines incl. instructions for only $42.

    Refill of glass vials for $5 each so you never run out!


    This First Aid Kit is a MUST have in your handbag, home or vehicle. Be able to help yourself and others quickly, effectively and naturally within minutes. Useful is situations such as: bee stings, rashes, sudden fever, food poisoning, strains and sprains, bruising, pain relief, head cold, hangover, nosebleeds, cold symptoms, anxiety, fear of exams, flying, public speaking and so much more.
    Talk to me about my next 4 hour short course.

    Talk to me about putting together your very own sports injury kit or travel kit especially if going to "high risk countries" and you want homeoopathic immune system support for e.g. Yellow fever, Typhoid fever, Malaria, Hepatitis, Zika, Cholera and more.



    This Birthing Kit is a great gift and very useful in supporting Mom and the unborn child as naturally as possible into this world.

    Either $42 for the kit or $65 and Mom with birthing partner come for a 30 min. session to go through all the homeopathic medicines in the kit so you feel comfortable using them for; pain relief, preparing uterus for labour, when contractions stop and go, turn baby when in breach position, anticipation anxiety, fear, hysteria, or weeping, healing, cystitis, post natal emotional imbalance and more!

    If you are worried about vaccinating your child I can provide you with information and homeopathic immunisation options. Talk to me about this so that you can make an informed choice.

Rescue Remedy 20mls $25  in a decorative gift bag

This is a fabulous combination of flower essences which is well known but underused. My bottle comes with an information sheet and in a gift bag if you want. That way you will be able to use it for so many more situations in everyday life such as: during birthing, anxiety, shock, fright, anticipation, nervous cough, ..... Did you know it works topically on the skin too?! Try it on a bruise, minor burn, rash, sting, area of pain.

Your personal mixture (selection of flower essences suitable for your current emotional state) 50mls / $35

Homeopathic Sleep Combo drops 10mls $7 

This is a great non addictive and natural alternative to sleeping pills which address the cause of your not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. If after 1 week your sleep hasn't improved then please consider a homeopathic consultation to address the issue. This is simply a combination of commonly indicated homeopathic medicines for poor sleep so the right one for you might not be included in this mixture.

My personal Homeopathic Jetlag Combo $7 

 You will never want to travel without again!! This combo will ease you into the new time zone so that you are fit and ready to go from the start. Give it a try !