Homeopathy for post medical procedures


After an operation or medical tests consider natural and effective homeopathic medicine to aid your recovery and wound healing, prevent the need for antibiotics, as a pain relief, overcome the effects of anesthesia easily; nausea, vomiting, constipation, vertigo, "sense of just not right" and so much more.


Ever had warts? 

Getting rid of them can be a challenge and medical procedures ( freezing off, cutting out painful ) often lead to warts multiplying. Have you considered homeopathy for addressing the problem from within your body and getting rid of them for good?


Back to the Basics - FAQ

Commonly asked questions and answers about homeopathy

What is it? How does it work? Who can use it and for what health problems? Efficacy, dosage, usage, risks, side effects, drug interactions and more. Tune in to find out if homeopathy is right for you.

How to deal with haemrrhoids/piles naturally using homeopathy

Time to talk about some painful, embarrassing and unfortunately very common complaints of the "tail end "

Operations should be the last resort but if you don't deal with the causation of why you got the piles, be sure to have them back soon! Homeopathy works wonders for this very itchy, burning and common problem. Tune in to find out more.

Shingles and Chickenpox

Homeopathy can help you quickly, effectively and most of all naturally

Based on your individual symptoms the prescribed homeopathic medicine will stimulate your own immune system to deal with this virus.  Don't suffer for weeks from Shingles until you are ready for anti depressants. Take action sooner than later with homeopathic medicine.

Winter Ills & Chills

How can homeopathy help your body deal with winter ailments

In this session I will talk about why some get a cough or cold when others don't. How to help yourself with natural products. What are some commonly indicated homeopathic medicine to help you get well quickly without the side effects of anti biotics.

Inner song

How to tune into your "inner song" to achieve overall health and well being

What is the cause of illness? What role do our thoughts and feelings play in health and disease? How and why do homeopathic medicines work to help you achieve healing on a deeper level. Tune in to find out more about this natural medicine.

Headaches, Migraines and Head Trauma

This can potentially be a problem of the past for you with homeopathic medicine

If you are suffering from recurring head aches or even migraines it is time to look at the causation and not simply be content with suppressing or managing the pain. In this show I talk about real case examples which have changed peoples lives. If you have not tried homeopathy, you have not tried everything. It is effective, natural and without toxic side effects.

Addressing Allergies Homeopathically

Allergy support naturally

Allergies have become so common that we almost accept them to be the norm. Instead of throwing steroids, anti inflammatories at the symptoms try strengthening the immune system to deal with the foreign pathogens and to NOT overreact by producing the signs of inflammation, itching, rash, discharge etc. A well selected homeopathic medicine can give you instant relief and your homeopath can help you find a deep acting medicine to help you overcome your allergy.

Homeopathy for Mom and Baby

Drug free help for a healthy strong start

Mastitis, hormonal imbalances, baby colic, reflux, skin issues, digestive problems, sleep issues are just some of the problems you might face with a new born baby. Dealing with those naturally is setting your baby up with a healthy immune system and a good life. Tune in to find out more about homeopathy.

Healthy Happy Children with Homeopathy

Prevention is better than cure

You can strengthen the immune system naturally and with homeopathic medicines so that child hood illness and infections are very manageable. Homeopathy is natural, very effective and without toxic side effects. It is ideal even for  new born babys.

Holidays and Travel

You can enjoy your next holiday from start to end

No more jetlag, motion sickness, fear of flying thanks to homeopathy. Get your travel kit and help yourself in situations of travel constipation, food poisoning, sudden fever, sunburn, insect bites, sprains and strains and so much more.